To introduce the new Starbucks Rewards, we crafted a golden celebration of life as a Starbucks Gold member. Our #GoldLife content employed stop motion, paper craft, compositing, keying, and key frame animation to capture the magic of individual member benefits and welcome new fans to the program. 

Our art direction strategy was to use a visual language our customers were already speaking on social. The content had to feel like popular social content, not ads. And we needed to reflect the authentic voice of Starbucks on social while reinforcing the crafted quality of its beverages.

The result is the below collection of social-crafted mini masterpieces along with an immersive Canvas experience that was equal parts educational and magical. All of the elements wove together seamlessly to bring the #goldlife story to life across Starbucks Instagram, Facebook and Twitter channels.


All of the custom craft content that ran across Starbucks channels garnered over 3.9m+ total engagements.

  • When the program launched in April 2016, Starbucks added nearly 300K new members in the first week.

  • There are nearly 2 million new Starbucks Rewards members year over year for 18% growth.

  • The week following the app redesign in April 2016, an overwhelming majority of customers had already updated the app (over 86% of iPhone customers and 79% of Android customers).

  • Within a few days following launch, the negative chatter disappeared almost completely.

  • On Facebook, 32% of those who clicked on the Canvas ad unit downloaded the Starbucks Rewards app.